Gamervision’s Amazing Videogame Commercial Spoofs

Videogame news and trading website Gamervision makes some pitch perfect videogame and commercial/movie trailer mash ups, including the ‘Indie’ God of War movie trailer above.

Also, this trailer to a Breakfast Club style Zelda movie, complete with authentic 1987 video quality.

Also straight out of the 80s are these two commercials for Valve’s Portal and Left 4 Dead.  The intro and outros that use actual 80s commercials are genius.


What Is Internet Anyway?

I love that they have to ask a guy off stage for a description of the Internet.  And Katie Couric totally predicted the Internet getting really big.

In The 70s…

People had cooler hair and PBS stations used better music.

(Via Boing Boing)

Someone Named Their Child Speed Weed

And now he writes for Law and Order and NCIS.

(Via  Madfishestheblog and Crushable)

Sticking It To PETA

Dodge released an ad recently that had a monkey in it and PETA, like usual, flipped a shit and asked them to take down the commercial.  So what does Dodge do in response?

Digitally removes the monkey and makes the commercial much better for it.  And yes, that is Dexter’s Michael C. Hall.

German Shephards Like It In The Face

Soda water that is!


It’s primary night in Tennessee and if you only vote for one person, you better make it Basil  He will plant vegetation in empty lots and PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS FOR ETERNITY WITH HIS BLOOD.