Incredible StarCraft Lego Battle Is FULL OF INACCURACIES

Seriously?  Firebats before making an Academy?  And Goliaths with an Armory?  And whats the deal with having only one SCV to start?


StarCraft 2!

The 11 year wait is over!

More Dr. Heavy And His Assistant, The Medic

If Valve doesn’t hurry up and make their own series using the characters from Team Fortress 2, then the guy who made these should.

From The Laboratory Of Dr. Heavy And His Assistant, The Medic

Probably my favorite part of Aqua Teen Hunger Force perfectly mashed up with Team Fortress 2. IT HUNGERS!

Do An (Oil) Barrel Roll!

At times it looks like an oil gusher of oil barrels.  Is that… ironic?

(Via Rock Paper Shotgun)

Awesome Star War: The Old Republic Trailer

Sure, it doesn’t tell you anything about how the game will play, but doesn’t it look phenomenally cool?

Awesome StarCraft 2 Commercial

After seeing this incredible trailer for a game I’ve waited nearly 10 years for, I suddenly want a StarCraft movie.  Coming summer 2020!