I Give This Video a 9

Beaucuase the voices where pretty good.

(Via Boing Boing)



This crazy awesome flash website demonstrates the size difference  between the smallest physically possible measurement (the Plank Length) and the theoretical size of the entire universe.  Along the way you’ll see the largest cell, our really tiny sun, and what quarks are made of.  Also includes some cool new-agey music, free of charge!

This Game Will Hurt Your Brain

Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 3.18.09 PM

I don’t know what this game is about.  It’s called Evidence of Everything Exploding.  Maybe it’s about secret societies and conspiracies, perhaps authority or the problems with modern journalism.  And maybe it’s just about butterflies.  I dare you to figure it out.

(Another!) 101 Free Games From 1up


One of the few annual articles I can’t wait for is 1up’s extensive and comprehensive list of over one hundred totally free PC games.  Looks like another fantastic list (I’m very intrigued by the long list of Shmup’s) this year, and I can attest to the greatest of Closure., Gang Garrison 2 and Gravity Bone.  Also, the phenomenal Half Life 2 mod Minerva is in their, and honestly, if you’re even a small fan of that series and you haven’t played Minerva, what are you doing wasting time here?  The game was so good, Valve hired the guy who made it!  Go play it right now!

Why Hasn’t This Been Done Yet: Falling Sand Game for iPhone


The picture above might not seem all that interesting, but if you go to this website and play this flash game, I promise you it will devour all your free time.  Being that the entire game is about drawing, what I want to know is why this thing is a 1$ download over in the iPhone Application store.  It would have to be simplified and adjusted for the smaller screen/larger pointing device (read: fingers) but it would be a perfect fit.  The Nintendo DS would probably make for an even better fit for the epic time-waster, although it might be a bit complicated figuring out how to use both screens effectively.

Then again, maybe I should think about what I’m asking for here.  With Peggle most likely coming to the iPhone this year, do I really want to take up absolutely ever bit of my free time?

You Play This, You Buy This, You Get Addicted


I’m just starting to enjoy my new iPod Touch 2G  when Boing Boing’s video game centric blog Offworld led me to this.  Simple yet addictive, and available now for the iPhone/iPod Touch as Drop 7 , this game has quickly taken the place of Fuzzle and Frenziz as my go to time waster.  The guys who made Drop 7 call it “Tetris meets Sudoku” and that really is pretty close.  Best part?  Right now it’s only 99 cents.

Put a Smile on Your Face: Burn the Rope!

In this flash game that is inspired by Portal in many more ways than one, You Have to Burn the Rope is the most fun you can have in the next five minutes (and counting).

I’ll list reasons this is similar to Portal: It’s incredibly short, the title is a reference to the game’s most central gameplay element, and it has an awesome credits song, complete with hilarious lyrics based on the game (make sure you stay until it says “Game Over”).

No, it’s not the most in depth game you’ll play on the internet (far from it), it isn’t the most innovative, but when it comes right down to it you would have to be pretty iron-hearted not to enjoy this fun little excursion.